Stress: The Silent Enemy


Credit: LaVon Weigant

LaVon Weigant, Staff Writer

Stress affects people in so many different ways, and school is a huge cause of stress for teenagers.

Students spend seven hours a day, five days a week at school. During this time they are constantly working, with a small break for lunch.

On top of this, students tend to have homework that they have to spend time doing this outside of school. Some students find the extra time that they can to get that work done in school, so it doesn’t have to be done at home. Others have to balance their time outside of school to get everything done on time.

Students also have to balance their time with everything that they are doing outside of school. The way that they manage their time is important, especially in high school because some students will get jobs, or have more responsibilities at home.

It can be stressful for students to get all of their work done on time, and done well with everything else going on in their lives as they are growing up. Stress tends to build up over time and results in a fight or flight response. Eighty-three percent of students claimed school as a source of stress, according to Psycom.

When someone is stressed, it reflects on their performance. This can vary between schoolwork, social battery, focus, and can also affect one’s attitude in general. 

On the positive side of things, stress can push people to get things done faster, in the moment stress occurs. Almost like an adrenaline rush. Junior Glorious McAllister has a schedule packed with classes, including a few advanced classes. On top of this, McAllister also does dance outside of school and works five to seven hours during the week. McAllister said, “Even with dance, I somehow manage to get everything done.”

However, stress can also cause people to shut down, making it more difficult to get work done, even when they have the time. For me, I get things done, but I tend to procrastinate getting it done first because after being at school all day, I don’t want to sit down and do more work. This in the end just causes even more stress than I already had.

This is different for everyone, and can also fluctuate for one person. Stress can either break you down or wake you up.