Brennon Mossholder, leader to YC football, coach of the year


Photo by LaVon Weigant

Lajla Raske, News Editor

This year, the YC football team lead with an undefeated, 9-0 league score, lead by coach Brennon Mossholder. 

Mossholder received the award coach of the year. He describes what it was like receiving that award. 

 “I was proud to be given the award,” said Mossholder. “It really represents all the hard work that our players have done. Our players have done a great job of making me look like a really smart coach. It’s really a compliment to them that I was given the award.” 

Freshman Jacob McGhehey explains how Mossholder is a good coach.

“He is very motivational, passionate, and cares for his athletes. He is just very passionate and dedicated to whatever program he is helping,” says McGhehey. “He has helped me perform at my best and taught me what and what not to do. He has also helped me individually, which helps a lot.”

Mossholder explains the impact he hopes to have on the team along with the future. 

“We hope that after a football player has spent a season with us, they leave the program as other people. Our philosophy of ‘all in’ can be translated to life as well. We want our players to ultimately be good husbands, fathers and good people in general.”

  Junior Dylan McInnis, who also played football this year, explains a little more about coach Mossholder. 

“I would describe him as a personal and forward-thinking coach. He was able to show [students] and develop plays that they would understand, spending countless hours making a game plan for our success.”

McInnis goes more into detail about what he enjoys about having him as coach. 

“He didn’t give up on us, even though in the past, we didn’t do well. I can always count on him as a coach to set up a good game plan that is going to come out successful.”