Bringing FCA To YC


Photo By LaVon Weigant

Trent Erb, Staff Writer

On Fridays during lunch the Fellowship of Christian Athletes club meets in Mrs. Henry’s room. The group is lead by sophomore, Luke Brewer, who got interested in the organization after seeing it at an FCA booth at a Bend Expo.
The club is characterized as being similar to a youth group at school. When asked about what the club was about and why it started Brewer said, “I just want to build a community of kids, so kids know they are welcome throughout the whole school so they have friends or people to go to with their problems, or beliefs.”
The group of FCA is international and promotes The Four Truths. The FCA website says that the Four is “The Gospel explained in four simple truths.” The four are in order: God Loves You, Sin Separates You, Jesus Rescues You, and Will You Trust Jesus?
One of Brewer’s main goal for the club is “a community of kids who just want to show their love for god hands another.” Community and welcoming seem to be very integrated in the FCA and they welcome all people. Even if you aren’t exactly religious the website says that they welcome the people who may not go to church.
The group also wants students to get involved in the local youth group, Jacob Wood won’t be leading the meetings but he will still come to the meetings and answer some questions if anyone is interested.
In addition to meeting Friday at lunch, the group also meets Friday nights from eight thirty to around midnight when they have what they call the 5th quarter. Typically, it would be after football games, hence the name 5th quarter, but they have decided to continue it every Friday for the rest of the year.
When asked if he had any more to add Brewer said, “We just want kids to come out of their shell, and we want them to be welcome to our youth group which is Sunday nights at six.” It overall seems like a warm environment that anyone can be apart of.