Mario Kart Tour: Mobile Mayhem


Bradley Raymond, Writer

The Super Mario Kart game franchise has been popular ever since its first release in 1992 on the NES with a mass following. Later being playable on various classic consoles such as the GameCube, Nintendo 64, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS and it has now been brought to smart devices to reach those who would like to play on the go.

On September 25th the long-awaited mobile version of Mario Kart was released for both iOS and Android systems. The game unsurprisingly gained a massive following of users jumping to 20 million downloads on the day of launch. This makes it Nintendo’s most downloaded mobile app so far. As far as the racing and actual gameplay it was really good and overall well made. It had a really good start, that was until the errors began.

Many people playing on iOS devices started having issues, it began giving people an error code. This made it impossible for people to scroll through the main menu making the game a waste of storage space. The issues with playing killed the hype of the game beyond recognition making it laughable. problems with the game continued onto android as well with many people even myself not even being able to download the game in the Google Playstore.

As it stands the game is not worth even considering a download. The cons of the game are incomprehensible compared to the pros and Nintendo shows no intention of fixing the game anytime soon. It is sad to see a loved game franchise with such a large following from over the years plunder from such a simple error and download issue. The game needs multiple changes and soon or it could go down in history being talked about but not as a legendary game it deserves to be recognized as.