Big things coming to our small paper


    The YC Journal is proud to announce two new and big things coming to our paper. Ever since we’ve started up we’ve been trying to think of ways to improve our paper and the interactions with our audience and we have some things we think readers like you might be interested in. 

     The first of our big announcements is the YC Journals very own podcast.  This project is being helmed by our very own Entertainment Editor, Koby Haldorson. What he plans to do with this project we’re sure will keep you coming back. It’ll be the same news you know and love but with a more personal level to it, getting to hear our very special writers. 

      We will host interviews with students and faculty to get you the news you deserve. Be on the lookout for the YC Journals Podcast coming very soon. 

     Another project we are excited to announce is the YC Documentary Division. This division will be run through the Journalism class and partnered with Mark Mckinney’s Veterans Legacy class. “I’m very excited for the equipment to get the best possible interviews we can get,” said McKinney. We’re also partnered with Jenna Schalijo’s digital art program to create the best possible advertisements we can for you, our readers. 

    This program is currently helmed by our editor-in-chief Ashton T. Livingston and we plan to create documentaries shining light on issues that face our county and state and in the future possibly showing off parts of our community we’re proud of. Be sure to follow our instagram @YC.documentary.division! 

     We are extremely proud of what is coming to our paper and hope you are too! We have been working hard on these programs and getting them started. We hope that when you see them and hear them you’ll get a feel for that! Be on the lookout for the YC Journals Multimedia programs! And a special thanks to our dear readers! Without you, this wouldn’t be possible!