Foreign Exchange Students

At Yamhill-Carlton high school we have five foreign exchange students. Francisco Gritti, Kacper Drabicki, Elisabeth Lie, Amanda Rossetta, and Alex Puig.

Francisco Gritti
Gritti is from Italy; he has been to many places in the world but this is his first time in the United States. His favorite things to do are playing football and spending time in his host dad’s electronics laboratory. He is the kicker, safety, and outside receiver for the Yamhill-Carlton high school football team. Gritti’s favorite classes are design and production along with painting.

Gritti said “I wasn’t happy with my life because I went to school which was very boring… so I decided to come here to challenge myself”

Kacper Drabicki
Drabicki is from Poland; he has also never been to the US before but has been to a lot of European countries. He plays football and his favorite food is steak. He also enjoys precalculus. After he was interviewed he decided to move to Hillsboro high school.

Drabicki said “I just wanted to see the cool American highschool. It always looked very cool in the movies.”

Elisabeth Lie
Lie is from Norway, her favorite thing to do is play soccer. Her favorite class is biology and her favorite food is a Norwegian taco which according to her is nothing like Mexican tacos.

Lie said “There is a lot of reasons. After I saw my brother go I decided that I wanted to when I could. I feel like it is a great opportunity to break free from the normal everyday life that I am used to. I get to learn about a whole new culture and meet new people. Also, I wanted to experience the American High school life and by that, I mean the school spirit.”

Amanda Rossetta

Amanda Rossetta is a foreign exchange student from Brazil. She likes to spend time with her family, relaxing at the beach, and spending time outdoors with her friends. Amanda is also enjoying spending time with her host family, the Davidsons so far. Her favorite food back in Brazil is stroganoff. Amanda likes leadership class and is also enjoying biology. She wants to go to the University of São Paulo. Amanda wanted to come to the United States as a foreign exchange student to experience the culture and to learn English better and is really excited because everyone has been so nice to her so far.

Alex Puig

Alex Puig is a foreign exchange student here from Barcelona in Spain. He likes to watch movies, listen to music, and hanging out with his friends. This is Alex’s first time being in the united states and is staying with the Fitzgerolds. He enjoys leadership class, and strength and conditioning. Alex wants to go to the University of Barcelona after his time here. Alex decided to be a foreign exchange student to experience a new culture and get to know new people.