Trump and the “Sharpie-Gate” Scandal

Trump and the Sharpie-Gate Scandal

Amadi Hays-Latimore, Sports Editor

First Russia, then pornstars, what will come next in President Donald Trump’s list of scandals and lies, oh that’s right, hurricanes. Once again our president has lied to the public, this time about what path hurricane Dorian was taking. 

Trump went live with a doctored up map of hurricane Dorian’s path. Not a very well doctored map, however , and people were quick to point out that the lines Trump had drawn on the map were made with sharpies. 

This latest “mistake” made by Trump has taken on the name “Sharpie Gate,” in reference to former President Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal. His map showed Dorian on a path to hit Alabama, when instead all it did was continue along the east coast. 

It all started with a tweet Trump sent out “warning” Alabama that it would most likely be hit (what a surprise, our president sent out another tweet). The modified map was supposedly an old map that projected the original course of the hurricane, at least that’s what Trump and his staff said.

It is illegal to falsify a National Weather Service forecast and pass it off as official, and yet this is exactly what Trump did. If he wasn’t president then Trump would be subject to 18 U.S. Code § 2074 and would be facing 90 days in prison. 

This incident was widely reported on by Democrat-aligned news stations, who openly laughed at and made fun of Trump’s blunder. On the other side of the media, Republican stations reacted with disgust over the “immature” reactions of the liberals and disputed that Trump was in the wrong.

They also claimed that it made no sense for the media to blow up over something so small. However, even by itself this event is not small, and when it is added to all the other “small” lies and scandals that have happened during Trump’s time campaigning and in the office, this really blows up into a much bigger matter. One that is big enough to call for impeachment.