The VP is Gone

James McAnelly, Staff Reporter

As of next school year, Matt Wiles will no longer be the vice principal for YCHS. Along with that, he will no longer be the athletics director for the high school. With that being said, he is actually taking up the position of principle down at the YCIS.
“This is something I have aspired to do, for a while, and the opportunity presented itself, and I think I needed to seize the moment, although I will say I have very mixed feelings about doing it,” said Wiles when asked why he decided to take this position.
He also stated, “they gotta find the right person for the job, it’s tough to juggle the athletic piece of it and the behavior management piece of it, but there are certain people out there who can do it, you just have to find the right person.” Wiles has been able to do this for some time now.
Wiles has hopes for the next person to take his position and he wants all of us to treat him with the same amount of respect we give him. As sad as it may be to see him leave, it will give our school a chance to see new things and have new opportunities. With a new vice principal comes new opportunities.
The school has not yet found someone to take the position but Wiles is confident that whoever they choose will be a good choice. “I think the high school will be in great hands, we have a terrific teaching staff here, and I think they will make sure that whoever is in my spot will be held accountable.”
Wiles will be missed by many of the students and staff at Yamhill Carlton High School. He has built great relationships with the people at the school.