Bad weather in the Midwest

Gage Landauer, Staff Reporter

For the last few months, the midwest has been hit multiple times by adverse weather and flooding. This week alone it’s expected to be worse. In the plains of the midwest rain and thunderstorms are going to contribute to the flash flooding in the region.

A flood warning was issued to over 12 million people in the midwest in December but by May that number has increased to 40 million. A state of emergency has been declared in Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, North Dakota. This is a problem that will only get worse before it gets better. Ten locations have reported record-breaking rainfall and river levels. Most of these records have not been broken since the great flood of 1927.

A tornado hit on the 22nd of May in Missouri. Police stated that 20 citizens were taken to hospitals and three were killed during this tornado. Two of the bodies were identified to be 86-year-old Kenneth Harris and 83-year-old opal Harris who were found dead 200 yards from their homes. And the third body was 56-year-old Betty Berg was found dead in her dilapidated motorhome.

Four people across the midwest have died because of this record-breaking flooding. This flooding is due to melting snow and storms that increased the water going into the Mississippi River. This is also causing flash flood warnings in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Maryland, and places in the Appalachian region.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association has reported that “The extensive flooding we’ve seen in the past two weeks will continue through May and become dire and may be exacerbated in the coming weeks as the water flows downstream.” The NOAA has said 200 million are at risk of further flooding. The threat of flooding is to become worse and more widespread, warns the NOAA.