Missing Persons Close to Home

Ashton Livingston, Entertainment Editor


                 Update: On May 25th, Michael Wolfe was caught and arrested in a donut shop in Portland at 2 p.m. and charged with aggravated murder and kidnapping. “Although we have charged him (Wolfe) with aggravated murder, that does not mean William and Karissa are dead.” Said Treven Upkes at a press conference for Salem Police.

             Update: Cell phone tower pings show that Wolfe had traveled to Salem, the city in which Karissa and William Fretwell live, and returned to his workplace 5 hours later. Surveillance footage shows Wolfe returning with a white plastic bag full of unknown material. Wolfe is due in Court on June 7th.

               Update: The search for the two continues but the Yamhill County District Attorney confirmed they have evidence that Karissa and William Fretwell were murdered. “Without the bodies, it makes the case complicated. But I will say, in sum, the evidence we have gathered is all leading to a consistent conclusion that they have been murdered.” Said District Attorney Brad Berry.

             On May 13 Karissa Alyn Fretwell, 25, and her son William “Billy” Fretwell, 3, went missing. This report was made to police by their family in Salem, Oregon. The two had been missing for more than a week at the time of this article being written.

           Salem police have a suspect by the name of Michael John Wolfe. Wolfe has reddish brown hair and a handlebar type mustache along with glasses. He’s 52, 6 foot 2 inches and weighs 250 pounds.

         Wolfe is reportedly the father of Fretwell’s son. Fretwell has sole custody of her son. In December of 2018, Fretwell filed for more than $1000 worth of child support from Wolfe.

        Authorities searched Wolfe’s residence on Thursday May 23rd for any evidence to assist in the investigation.  People who claim to work with Wolfe say he has not shown up to work for the past three days.

         Wolfe lives in the Gaston area. Police say that they don’t need any assistance from civilians unless it is in a report of his whereabouts. They say to not engage Wolfe in anyway.

           Robert Allen, a neighbor to Fretwell, said that roughly two months before her disappearance “We heard a man and a woman arguing incredibly loud.” Allen told KOIN.

            Megan Harper, a friend of Fretwell, said the last time the two spoke was on May 11 and Fretwell expressed interest in Harper installing a ring security camera for Fretwell. This was told to Salem-Statesman Journal.

             If you know anything about the two missing persons please call 503-588-8477. Remember, if you see Wolfe, do not talk to him just call this number or the police.

             As of May 24th Police in Clackamas county are having divers search every nearby body of water. Police are leaning more into the idea that homicide is involved.