Our Schools AC


Image Courtesy of Chloe Newton

Chloe Newton, staff writer

The Yamhill Carlton High School and intermediate school buildings were not built with air conditioning units. Only heat. The elementary school was retrofitted with heat and AC as a part of the bond process. Both of the domes have heat and air conditioning.

When asked about the budget for air conditioners Superintendent Charan Cline said, “There was never a plan to put air conditioning in the main high school building. Renovations to the high school HVAC system was not part of the bond budget or plan. However, we currently do have a company investigating the possibility of upgrading the boiler system to use propane for fuel instead of diesel.”

The air conditioning units are pricey but worth it. In Oregon, the average temperature in May can range from 65 to 72 degrees, which doesn’t seem that hot but in a crowded classroom, it can be. “ It’s too hot,” Sophmore Lela McInnis said. In June the average temperature is 70 to 80 degrees. Felicia Robbins commented, “It makes me less focused on school and I feel less of a drive to do work because I feel drained.”

Some good options for air conditioning units for classrooms could be window air conditioners starting at $139.00 to $209.99 at the Home Depot, or $159.99 off of Amazon. There are other options at Best Buy starting from $149.99 for small air conditioning units, and target starting at $149.00 for window air conditioning units.

It’s understandable that the air conditioning units can be expensive but it would be appreciated by students if the administration would consider looking into getting air conditioning.