A Change in Staff

Toby Piller, Staff Reporter

           Recently interviews took place for the position of principal next year. Three people in total were being interviewed.

           Of these three Clint Raever who is from the coast area was chosen. Obviously this is a big change for the students, but some were not here last year when there was a change, but most staff were.

           When Chris Zook, a teacher aide, and staff member who has been at YC for over a decade was asked about how things went last time there was a change in principals she responded. “I was apprehensive about the unknown last time but it turned out fine.”

           Reassuringly Zook stated, “I’m looking forward to new ideas and a new perspective.” Most of the staff that were asked about this change in principals, gave a similar response of looking forward to a new set of eyes here at YC.

            Of course the Interim Principal Cindy Schubert will be leaving the school because she was only going to be here for the year. When asked what her general impression of the new principal she gave her opinion saying,  “Extremely capable and personable. I love that he is moving his family to Yamhill Carlton area. He will be a great long-term principal.”

            Renee Mckinney, who has been teaching at YC for 26 years, and was on the interview committee said this about him. “I believe he will be great, because where he is coming from, (Taledo) has a lot of similar programs to ours.”

           He seems to leave a great impression on everybody he meets. Schubert was asked how she felt about the change and whether or not she was excited.

           In response Schubert said, “It is difficult to leave YC,  I have met so many great people and become quite attached to the school, students, staff, and community. So it is basically bittersweet as I look forward to getting back to retirement but will miss all that this position brought me.”

           Clint Raever as mentioned before plans on being Principal for a very long time, especially considering the fact he is moving his family out to the Yamhill Carlton area, from Toledo.