The Effects of Allergy Season


The tree on the south side of the school producing pollen photo credit to Brendyn Howard

Brendyn Howard-Dodson, Feature Editor

Allergy season is a yearly event that takes its toll on everyone. Some people, however, are more affected than others and those who are affected suffer the most. More than 50 million Americans are affected by allergies.
A lot of people in YCHS are affected by allergies, both students and staff. The symptoms can vary from itchy eyes to runny nose with itchy skin and dry noses. You could have noticed other symptoms such as just barely walking around or staying awake.
There are plenty of medicines for allergies but not all of them work that great and those that do seem to make you tired and pass out. Harley Patterson is a sophomore here at YCHS and he suffers from allergies. He uses Allegra which is a doctor prescribed medicine. Mark McKinney, the social studies teacher at YCHS uses a generic of Allegra.
Most people have different ways to deal with their allergies as medicine does not always work. Some people use an all natural herb-based medicine called Rootology. Medicines, however, don’t work for everyone as a four to six hour may not work from someone as well as a 24-hour type.
There are other ways to deal with allergies other than medicine as well. Drinking lots of water helps. Patterson says just blowing his nose works to help but not anything else. McKinney states, “I drink plenty of water that probably helps keep things flowing, moving around more, sometimes I’ll have to close windows, that kind of thing.”
Allergies can really mess people up, making them so tired they can’t walk or talk. It can really affect both students and teachers. McKinney also states, “you can be pretty tired off of it if it’s during school and I’m tired, then I doze off.”
The causes of allergies revolve around pollen. There are a couple of different types of pollen such as tree pollen and grass pollen and flower pollen. There are different types of tree pollen for oak, birch, etc. This is also true for flower pollen as well. Not a lot of people know what they are allergic to unless they really need to avoid it.
Most people with allergies have the worst part of the allergy season which their symptoms are heightened and they are just miserable. For Patterson, he states, “Just the constant dead nose.”