It’s Prom, not Star Wars Day


This friend group pauses for a group photo before heading off to prom; this year’s prom theme was “Once upon a time…”

Wesley Brewer, The Poll Guy

Even though prom took place on Star Wars Day, the dance was not Star Wars themed, although they did entertain that idea before ultimately deciding against it in favor of the theme of “Once Upon A Time…”. This year on May 4th, from 8-11 pm, Yamhill-Carlton’s prom took place at the Chapel at Evergreen Museum in McMinnville.

The 2018-19 Prom Court consisted of Dana (Josie) Sibert, Lilly Kind, Gabrielle (Gabby) Chambers, Camille Kern, Ainsley Zook, Nathaniel (Nate) Hansen, Charles Neuhauser, Alexander (Doc) Holliday, Yonghan (Blake) Kong, and Bradley Braukman. Bradley Braukman won the honor of being Prom King and Gabby Chambers won the honor of being Prom Queen.

The venue was in the shape of a t, with the dance floor being at the top. The space to the left was the photography area, which was done by Five Point Photography,  and the first picture you took was free, but all other photos after that were $20. The space to the right had the food area. There were chairs and tables to sit, eat, and talk at near the bottom of the t, as well as a burning fireplace. Various cheeses and fruits, ham, crackers, cupcakes, and lemonade were provided.

The Prom committee worked very hard this year to raise enough money for prom this year. According to Jenna Schaljo, the advisor of the junior class said that, “The venue cost twice as much as we’ve ever had to pay [for a venue]”. The Prom committee this year was made up of Dylan McInnis, Emma Prine, Payton Adamski, Kate Gomes, Grace Armstrong, Madison Dreger, Claudia McAbee, Julie Easton, Kennedy Ogden, Aliya Seibel, Hannah VanDeWalle, and Madelynn (Maddy) Bell.

Many people who our reporter talked to gave the impression that they would have appreciated more variety in the music. One person commented that “It’s not my favorite music, but it’s better than silence.” Several others said that they liked the music for this year’s prom, even better than last year.