Night of the Arts: A Good Way to Raise Money


Chole Newton, Photo Editor

The Night of the Arts is an annual fundraiser for the Yamhill Carlton Education foundation. It is a non profit organization that raises money to award  to teachers and groups of teachers in the school district. This event takes place Saturday April 27th from 5:30-8:00 at the Legion hall in Carlton.

This is the 3rd year that this fundraiser has taken place. The goal of this event is to showcase some of the art programs we have at the school both music, drama, and fine arts. There is also going to be teachers and programs who have received money from this year and the year prior coming to talk about how they have benefited from this event.   

During this event there will be a silent auction with several donated items, a live auction, food catered by by the schools culinary department and much more. During the night of the arts there will be a raffle for a chance to win a grand prize. There is going to be a juried high school art show with five local artists from the Yamhill, Carlton and Mcminnville area to judge.

Many hours of planning went into this event. “ I would not be able to do this without the board and without their support.” Said Jenna Shajlo, the fine arts teacher and member of YCEF. About 30 hours of work went into planning the puzzle packets alone. Not only were many hours spent making the puzzle packets but also planning food, advertising, getting supplies, teaching students how to run the tables, and also getting leadership students to sign up to help run the event.

Tickets can be purchased at the door or online $15 for adults and $10 for students. The tickets being purchased online can be purchased straight from the website. Shajlo comments “ I think it would be amazing to get more students involved in coming to this, that’s part of why i wanted to do the puzzle packet is to make it fun and interesting and exciting.”