7300 Hendricks Road, No Mans Land


Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

Ashton T. Livingston, Entertainment Editor

The tenants of 7300 Hendricks Rd. were in Yamhill County Courthouse February 22nd for tenant eviction. The tenants were in court for staying on the property long past the 60-day notice. In the hearing the tenants used harassment and oppression by the county as an explanation as to why they did not leave the property.

Patrick O’Rourke, one of the tenants being evicted, said that what is happening is “something a lot bigger than an eviction.” In court, they claimed to have been shot, stabbed, and assaulted. They also made claims that most of these things were either encouraged or hired by the heir to the property, Grace Snidow.

A concerned neighbor to the address talked about how he felt what they’re doing was trying to take advantage of the system. In court, however, they had a case that had no evidence in their favor other than some verbal confirmation from other tenants.

Much of what they said in court had nothing to do with the eviction and was often objected by the plaintiff. The tenants lost their case for having no physical evidence in their favor and were told to leave the property in four days.

A neighboring property owner talked of how they lived in fear while having to live next to them. He talked of them slamming on his door at 3 am. He also talked of how the police of Carlton wouldn’t come down to his house because he lived on the “other side” of the city line. He called this “no man’s land.”

Before the court date, clean up crews brought to the property to manage the destruction from both of the fires and overall hoarding. Construction crews left and have recently returned to clean up the property since the eviction.

On the day of the eviction “all tenants were evicted without incident” says Captain Chris Ray. One tenant was arrested for disorderly conduct in an earlier case.