The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part Is A Look Into the Death of creativity


Image Courtesy of Warner Bros. Animation

Ashton T. Livingston, Entertainment Editor

The Lego Movie was a surprise hit with almost everyone. It was fun with the whole family and had tons of jokes for everyone. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is of course a sequel so it’s either going to be a hit or miss. Luckily it’s neither. This movie had jokes that made me chuckle or inhale through my nose. That’s about it.

The story is actually fun though. The story follows the world after the ending of the first film where the world has fallen into apocalypse. Everyone has adjusted to the new bleak world except Emmet, played yet again by Chris Pratt. When an alien threat known as General Mayhem voiced by Stephanie Beatriz kidnaps all of Emmets friends and takes them to the sis-star system.  Along the way Emmet meets Rex Dangervest and begins the adventure.

The story is pretty straight forward but has enough fun moments in it to be entertaining. The characters in the story aren’t that deep and complex with the exception of Emmet, Rex Dangervest, and Wyldstyle. Rex Dangervest is for me a stand out character. He’s one of those characters that comes off with a very strong action hero personality. He’s also a parody of all CHris Pratt roles while being played by Chris Pratt. The parody of Chris Pratt was hilarious and I loved it. Emmet’s character development within the film is interesting as it represents the downfall of creativity in adolescents. The film also points this out in a very clever meta joke.

The humor is always really funny. The jokes always point out flaws in pop culture or bring in some really funny joke about just about anything. The jokes involve parodies of celebrities such as Bruce Willis. The humor in this is almost just as good as the first one. It takes the best parts of the humor in the first one amps it up a bit.

           The animation is yet again spot on. The animation looks amazingly realistic and is full of fun little jokes about the product it’s based on. The films animation really make up for some of the stuff the film lacks in.

            The film itself is full of clever humor and things to keep you attached to the screen but because we saw all of this in 2014 it feels kind of stale. The film being a sequel definitely holds it back. The story is definitely one of the best parts of the film because it’s all a metaphor for the death of imagination. The first film also had a twist at the end of being creative. The message of sibling rivalry and creativity is definitely needed but also we’ve seen it before.

               The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is by no means bad. It’s really fun and extremely enjoyable. Its story though feels like a little bit of a repeat. The characters are good, nothing really all that bad and they’re well written and their development feels like something all these characters would go through. The animation is just as good as the first and still wows me. The movies main flaw is in we’ve seen it before and it does a little to change it up but it’s still just a little too similar. The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is fun and entertaining but because it plays it safe it feels like a little more of the same. I give it a solid B.