The January Board Meeting

Brendyn Howard-Dodson, Feature Editor

At the January board meeting, three parents of students in the Yamhill Carlton area spoke about how they are thinking of taking their kids out of the school. These students belong to the YC intermediate school.

There have been reports of threats and sexual harassment from the parent of students of the middle school. According to one of the parents who shared his concerns, the intermediate school is not communicating with them over the fact their daughter was threatened with a knife through a text message. The first parent to talk had a long speech prepared. In this speech, he talked about his concerns with the school’s choice in budgeting and many other things, mostly his concerns for his child at school.

Intermediate school Principal Chad Tollefson mentioned that a group called “Strong” has been formed at the intermediate school. Strong is a group of students dedicated to making sure to get students to class on time. Tollefson stated, “If they aren’t in class they aren’t learning.”

Students are now allowed to use the bathroom during the passing period which they had the privilege taken from them, but Tollefson talked about how fewer students are interrupting class to ask to use the bathroom. The hallways are much cleaner and students are no longer wandering the hall during class.  A restriction of hats has been set in place. A student from the intermediate school who was at the board meeting said that the school should have started with a high level of strictness and went to a low level of strictness as the year went on.

The weather-related issues at the school last month were discussed by superintendent Dr. Charan Cline. After the elementary school closed down due to power loss, everyone got home safely. Some parents, who expressed their thoughts on the matter at the meeting, were upset with the school’s lack of a generator for emergencies because the school is supposed to be an emergency shelter and they don’t have a generator in case of power outage.

The high school is going start sending students who have the time to go to the intermediate school to help students who need additional support with educational subjects. This should increase grades in the middle school.