Man On The Street

In 2018 six animal species went extinct and three that I know of going extinct in 2019, these species dying out is 100% due to human polluting The Earth, what do you think humans as a whole can do to fix this problem? What could you as an individual do to help?

Sydney Johnson, Opinion Editor

Joey Jones, Sophomore


“Well I think if we were to reduce this pollution and exploitation of animals I think what might be best is to for the time being impose different and stronger regulations on corporations and enforce more international actions in say, the UN trying to keep countries in check. The Great pandas have been preserved by china’s acts to keep them alive and keep them breeding and things like that might be helpful to aid with that issue.”

“Well I think that the only thing that individuals without power could really do is organize and spread awareness. Call representatives, there’s not really much that individual choice really does, hundreds of millions or billions of pounds of meat is eaten every year  and the meet industry isn’t going to be toppled by a couple million vegans, and that sort of thing. It’s all about political awareness, activism and trying to get either trying to demand corporations to um stop and harmful actions or trying to get the government to regulate those corporations.”

Julie Easton, Junior

“I think before we can even start trying to make a change we have to have everybody on the same page because I know a lot of people don’t believe in climate change or any kind of problems that human are causing. They are saying we’re getting better but this shows that we are not and I think that collectively everybody needs to be more conscious of the decisions that we make on a daily basis and people think that them doing something isn’t going to make a change ,and that one person won’t make a change but that’s where it has to start, with one person. I think if we made changes to just our daily lives, our daily decisions it could make it so we could make a change.”

“I’ve tried to use like reusable cups more, so instead of going and buying a plastic cup, I know dutch, I go there a lot and instead of getting a plastic cup each time I have my tumbler cup that I spent $20 on and that will reduce the amount of plastic waste that I am producing. A big thing is in bath products. So like shampoo and conditioner, using things that don’t come out of an aerosol can, because those take a really long time to decompose or they don’t. I know I am an avid recycler, I recycle a lot and I yell at other people when they don’t but I think I could be better about that and kind of more conscious where i’m recycling things to and what they are doing with that material. I just heard of a company that you can donate your jeans to and they will reuse it to make house insulation so communities that can’t afford it, and I thought that was really cool.

I know like women’s period products- this is very personal- but I realized how much plastic waste it produces like when you use tampons and stuff, so I switched over to like cardboard, all paper, and stuff like that. And yeah it’s a little more expensive but at the same time I feel better because I can recycle those things instead of throwing that all in the trash.”



Kierra Knapp, Sophomore

“What we could do is like reduce pollution because if its affecting animals that is obviously something we can control, something we should try to control because pollution is bad in general.”

“I think things as simple as picking up you garbage, or switching from natural gasses, stuff like that to something more environment friendly, things like that, making the little changes.”







Bradley Braukman, Senior

“Recycle more and carpool more”

“Buy recyclable things instead of garbage things, and when you are shopping use reusable bags at the grocery store.”