YC’s Annual Theatre Showcase


Two highs-schoolers practicing

Gabrielle Chambers, Editor-in-Chief


YC’s drama class is having their annual theatre showcase on January 25th, at 7pm in the YCIS gym. This event is free but they are accepting donations. It will be a collection of monologues. If you come by and see it, you will watch them perform Shakespeare and some of their own written pieces. The students start putting work into it towards the end of November up until the day of the showcase.

The showcase consists of around 25 high school theatre kids working together to make it happen. Payton Adamski, a junior at YC, in particular has had a phenomenal experience working on this project.

“[The showcase is] sort of like our final. I really like that there’s like no judgement about what anyone wants to do. No one cares if it’s good we all just wanna have fun.” Adamski has been putting lots of time and effort into the showcase.

Another YC student is senior Angelique Calhoon. “I’m looking forward to seeing all the acts come together, I’m doing two scenes and singing a song for the showcase.” This will be Calhoon’s last year doing this since she is a senior.

Stephanie Belt-Verhoef, YC’s drama teacher, is the one who is putting it all together. “I enjoy watching the students develop their creative ideas and work together to produce the show.”  Belt-Verhoef has been doing this kind of showcase for the past three years and believes it’s important to have her students have a creative outlet.

  So come support and enjoy our amazing drama kids tonight!