In run fell swoop

In run fell swoop

Seth Pyne, News Reporter

Before Thanksgiving break, the girls cross country team had made it to state competitions. A massive success for a YC sports team, as well as an impressive finish at 11th place during the team competition.

It’s satisfying to see my hard work and close connection with my teammates pay off” says Cristin Brethower, a sophomore cross country competitor.

“Whenever we talked about going to state, it never really crossed our minds that we would win, it was all about the experience,” says Cristin, who was excited by the experience. While similar, cross country is not the same as track team. While running is the most spectated part of track, there is also throwing, jumping, and sprinting. Cross country is more focused on long distance running specifically, 5,000 meters (roughly 3 miles).  Whereas the longest distance that is typically run in a track competition is 3,000 meters (roughly 2 miles).

With that the team trains hard to beat the competition, and make it to finals next year. Time will tell when we get to see them off to their success. In the meantime all we can say is, let’s go Tigers!