Nov. 8th Board Meeting

Brendyn Howard-Dodson, Feature Editor

At the November 8th board meeting an approximate 20 minutes were given to Charles Rynerson, a research faculty member of the Population Research Center (PRC) in the College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University, to give his prediction for the district’s student enrollment for the next couple years. Statistics show that the enrollment will decrease then increase at a slow rate. This correlates with the birth rates which are projected to fluctuate with the enrolment which, as was already stated, decreases a moderate amount then slowly increases. As an example this year, the 2018-19 year, is at an all time low with 1,013 students, but is projected to slowly increase by the year 2023-24 to 1,039 students.

Also presented were attendance percentages of the district student body. According to the information presented at the meeting, 84% of students regularly attend school, meaning that students who show up 90% of school days. This was a 6% increase from the previous year.

The students on track to graduate are at 82% on an Oregon average of 85%. This means the 9th grade students earning one quarter of their graduation credits.

KGW, the Portland news station, interviewed the boys football team for the mix up with the playoffs. This was also their longest winning streak in a decade. The board members gave praise for their success this year.

The school still stresses about the group of students who are chronically absent. They have missed about 10% or 17 school days. The board wants to help those students make it to school regularly.

The student parking lot by the church has been repainted and cleaned. As well as the staff parking lot on the north end of the school.

Close to the beginning a group of students from the elementary school in Carlton came and talked about their social group, KCM. The four of them talked about how much they enjoyed being a KCM and why they did.

There was also talk about a new system at the elementary school, this system is about anti bullying. The staff is helping students understand the importance of controlling emotions and properly displaying them.

The board also made conversation at sources of strength and how well it is going. The staff and students are in the process of making a video about it staring the students in sources of strength.