Homecoming Assembly 2k18

Gage Landauer, Staff Reporter

On October 5th the homecoming assembly was held in the gym. The leadership team told the school the rules for the homecoming dance and that it was going to be in the middle school gym. They introduced the first activity of the day. This year Mr. Osborn stepped up to lead the leadership class due to Mrs. Vanderzanden’s medical leave.

The first activity was a relay. In this relay, a person from each class had to run to the other side of the gym and then put on a pile of football gear. Most of the students ended up taking off their shoes off to get the knee pads on more efficiently and slide past the finish line.

The second activity was throwing various sports balls at a target on the wall. They had a person from the soccer team, a person from the volleyball team, and a person who played football. Almost no one actually hit the target and it turned into a mad scramble to get spirit points. In the end, it was a mess of a game but entertaining to watch.

The third one was the traditional hula hoop activity. Groups from each class held hands and tried to get a hula hoop from one side of the group to the other. This school tradition of an activity was won by the sophomore class this year.

The last activity was the Tug-Of-War. The first round was the Freshmen vs the Juniors, this round was won by the Juniors. The second round was the Seniors vs the Sophomores and this round was one by the Seniors. The Seniors beat the Juniors in seconds in the final round. The victorious Seniors were then challenged by the staff to the ultimate tug of war. Staff may have won the battle, but the Seniors won the war by letting go of the rope and watching the staff tumble to the ground. The staff seemed to have… mixed emotions.  And Koby, a student attending the assembly had just one word to say about the whole thing; “unnecessary.”