Rushing for Clubs

Senior Porter Weigant having fun during club rush

Seth Pyne, Reporter

Club Rush brought students together on Tuesday to learn about YC’s current club offerings. This year there are 19 clubs available for students to attend. In the past, there has been 11.

The beginning of a school year can lead to many different opportunities including what to do for fun. Clubs can be a great opportunity to meet new people who share your interests. As well as open new doorways into your future, like the Future Medical Professionals Club can help prepare students for a life of medicine. Or if you’d prefer something more artistic there’s the NAHS art club for students to create at their pace.

If you’re not certain what club you’d like to join, Club Rush is a great way to find what interests you. Each and every club sets up a booth and will tell students a little about their club. In the event a student misses Club Rush, Social Studies teacher Brenda Vanderzanden will be able to tell students what clubs the school has in store for you.

Junior Grace Armstrong talking about rocketry club
Seniors Paula Jung & Marlee Roberts representing photography club

While many may already know this,there’s a surprise for some of our older students. The school will be acquiring two new clubs this year, both lead by Grace Armstrong. Our new rocketry and the Future Medical Professionals club shows promise for new and old students. “I couldn’t really find mentorship for knowledge about a career that I may be interested in, ” says Armstrong, for students interested in a career in medicine FMPC can help them get started.