Firefly & Serenity: Gone, but not forgotten


Ashton T. Livingston, Entertainment Editor

         You can take my love, take my land, but you can’t take the sky from me. These lines from the Firefly theme song send a vibe through my body that I can’t explain. The show is a spectacular vision of Joss Whedon’s dreams come true. The thing that makes this show so special is the passion that goes into the show. Joss Whedon puts every breath and every drop of sweat of his into this show.

          Firefly is a western Sci-fi, what this means is this show is a major genre bender. The show has been called the best western in television history by many of its fans. The show has Sci-fi elements but those slide under the feel of western in the show.

          The characters of the show are extremely relatable and heart felt. Each character feels real and lived in, not some stale cardboard cut out. Each characters emotions are genuine and heartfelt. In other words everything about this show is amazing and you should definitely watch it

But, the show was cut short due to each episode being aired out of order and Fox completely screwing up the show. But because Joss Whedon and the fans loved this show so much Universal studios picked it up for a movie continuation.

The movie picks up a little bit after the end of the show. It has a fantastic opening that introduces us to each member of the crew aboard their ship, The Serenity. It’s an amazing scene and I love it so much.

      Firefly and Serenity are two amazing pieces of art. I’m so deeply in love with both of these shows and you can tell that everyone involved is in love with it too. Passion and love is what made this fantastic show so spectacular.

       Each actor puts their heart and soul into every character. This causes each viewer to fall in love with a character of their own choice or who they are drawn to. The writing presented by Joss Whedon is simply amazing. I really can’t say enough good things about this show!

        So, go to Wal-Mart get the complete series of Firefly and watch that then watch Serenity.

The show is 10,000% worth it. Firefly of course gets an A+ from me. It’s amazing