Interim Principal for the Win


YCHS new principal, Cindy Schubert.

Amadi Hays-Latimore, Sports Editor

Since YCHS’ last principal left, the staff has been rushing to find a valid candidate for the job. YC received twenty-seven applications for the job.

They narrowed the list of candidates down to five people. A small interview committee including English teacher, Matt Opitz and Superintendent Charan Cline held interviews during the second week of school. Some other members of the committee are art teacher Jenna Schaljo and English teacher, Renee McKinney.

Our new interim principal’s name is Cindy Schubert. She was a vice principal at Lake Oswego Junior High for ten years and then principal at Lake Oswego High School for three years before retiring. She said that she grew up at a small school, one that was about half as big as YCHS.

Schubert likes small schools because she gets to know the kids better. She stated that “I really like what the curriculum offers.” She stated that she likes the CTE programs.

She also likes our school because it seems like the teachers were much more involved. 

Our former principal Greg Neuman moved to West Linn High School which has 1762 students. That is a much bigger school than ours which may be part of why Neuman moved. West Linn’s Former principal Kevin Mills transferred to Lake Oswego Junior High, one of the places that Schubert used to work.

For the first two and a half weeks of the school superintendent, Cline served as our principal. He said that he enjoyed being around the students and going to our school’s sports events.

English teacher Renee McKinney was also on the interview committee. Since Schubert has only been here for a few days McKinney doesn’t have a well-formed opinion on her. However, she did say that she expects and hopes that Schubert will be a successful interim principal.