Sharp Objects: Sharp Edge Television


Ashton T. Livingston, Entertainment Editor

Anger, questions, fear, and more anger are just a few things you’ll feel and have when watching Sharp Objects. Sharp Objects is HBO’s newest original show and it follows Camille (Amy Adams), a reporter from St. Luis who is sent back to her hometown to report on two murdered girls. The show follows her as she starts to unravel the mystery and deal with her awful mother (Patricia Clarkson) whom everyone seems to either fear or love. These two elements of the show build up and up to an amazing finale.

The characters of this show are extremely real and are full of depth. Camille has a tortured past which we see with her younger self portrayed by Sophia Lillis from IT fame. This shows the viewer how she got to this place and her past with her now dead sister, Marian portrayed by Lulu Wilson. These short flashback scenes are extremely crucial to solving the mystery and the show.

Camille’s interactions with her mother are rage inducing and made me scream and yell at the screen often thinking about how much I hate Camille’s mother after I finished an episode. Camille herself is a character who you genuinely worry about. When it comes to Camille cannot stress this enough but it becomes extremely triggering to some viewers. The show delves heavily into depression, cutting, and suicide. So for those who are triggered by these subjects I do not recommend this show for you. These things are not presented in a glamorous light, they are presented as real as can be.

The story is one of mystery, hope, and betrayal. Camille forms a relationship with a new detective in town who she uses as a source. The relationship here borders romantic enough for it to have an impact on the characters and the audience. This relationship between Camille and Richard Mills shows the audience that Camille is truly a broken person. This is something the show does incredibly well.


       My one complaint about the show is the audience can figure out the mystery before our main character. The pieces of the puzzle are laid out and it’s pretty easy to figure out about the 6th episode in, and there are two more episodes after that. Camille’s mother turns out to be the murderer of the local children by poisoning them to death. She cares for them to keep them sick. This ends up killing them.

       Camille’s Mother, Adora, has done this previously on Camille’s younger sister. This is one clue that is revealed earlier on and it kinda makes the ending dragged out. Other than that I have no complaints.


        Sharp Objects is a triumph in television and raising awareness of mental health. Each episode ends with a phone number to a suicide hotline or mental health hotline. The mystery of the show is intriguing and keeps you interested if you can keep up with its slow burn. The show’s pacing keeps you interested in its characters and makes you take note of important things that are hidden within flashbacks keeping the audience’s eyes open. These things that heavily incorporate audiences attention give this show its A+ rating from yours truly. So, if you’re triggered easily by self harm, mental illness, and several other things then this show is not for you. Sharp Objects is rated TV-MA for language, nudity, violence, and self harm.