“Now Son, Don’t Touch That Cactus!”


Drew Hinton, Staff Writer

While scrolling through the endless selection of suggested videos on Youtube, one might stumble across something rather peculiar. While only being 1 minute and 47 seconds long the first ASDF movie fills the viewer with many questions. Like, why does the cop in the opening comic strip open fire on a man who was playing that “got your nose” game with a child in the most “Looney Toons” like style of violence. Or why things like ties, parking meters and potatoes can talk as if alive and in a humane manner.

The series known to many, ASDF, is an ongoing collection of animated comic strips created by TomSka whose story of coming up with the name of his soon to be beloved series was simply typing random letters on his keyboard.

As of this year in 2018 the series has 10 videos to its name and is scheduled to add an 11th in August. The short clips within each video are random and don’t progress in a normal fashion, meaning the segments don’t build upon each other. Some segments are long running series within a series like, “I like Trains”, “Everybody do the Flop!” and many more.

The “I like Trains” segment begins with a kid saying those very words, “I like Trains,” then out of nowhere a train hits him at full speed. Several renditions have been created, sometimes the train doesn’t hit the boy but hits the people in the next segment.

Then there is the “Everybody do the Flop!” This segment even has its very own music video, but basically it’s this guy wearing a tall top hat and yells those very words and everyone within earshot falls face first onto the ground.

There are more sub-series that are less memorable but still unique in their own way. Whether it be a man stepping on a potato or a bear named Desmond, they all provide a quick laugh for the audience.

As mentioned earlier ASDF movie 11 is still in the making, but many worry that the series may be coming to a close. According to TomSka, he was aiming to make 10 videos but that ship has come and may be leaving soon.

However, TomSka also said that he would also keep making videos till he got bored. To dedicated viewers this prompts a sigh of relief, a hope for the continuation of the series still lives on.

I would recommend this series to all ages due to its easy to understand human and hilariously outrageous, unrealistic, violence. I wouldn’t even call it violence, it could be described better as “physics gone haywire.”