How Effective are Trump’s Tweets?

Lilly Kind, News Editor

President Donald Trump’s tweets have caused a lot of controversy his whole presidency. Some people believe Trump’s constant use has been immature. Others believe it has been a great way to connect with our government.

President Trump tweets and retweets about current events, policy changes, and his current and future staff, among many other things.  

In the New York Times article, “What do you Think of President Trump’s Use of Twitter?”, New York Times welcomed students to voice their opinions on how Trump’s use of social media makes them feel. Almost every one of the 56 comments said Trump’s constant use of social media was ineffective, and just made him look bad.

Varun, from Texas, commented, “I think president Trump’s use of twitter is reckless and ignorant. He tweets like a republican man sitting in house with very little responsibility but he is our president. Because our country elected him he has the responsibility to keep us safe but if he keeps tweeting whatever is on his mind it will show our nation as weak. Also his tweeting and presidency has divided the United States more than it has been since the Civil War.” A lot of other students had similar things to say.

Many believe Trump should only tweet out official news, and stop picking at other political leaders. Other’s also believe Trump shouldn’t be the one tweeting from his account,and that he should have a social media manager, to avoid reckless tweeting.

Some students believe Trump shouldn’t use twitter at all, they believe people are too easily influenced and his tweets are not appropriate. Max, from North Carolina, said “Most of the teenagers these days daily use social media platforms like twitter, and if you have ever been on twitter than you have definitely seen one of his tweets. First off I think Trump uses twitter way too much and unfortunately most of the time they aren’t appropriate. However I do feel like President Trump can use the Twitter to say good things and help influence our country’s youth, but when he posts racially discriminating tweets is when things go wrong….As a country we should encourage Trump to use the Twitter platform to his advantage instead of using it to bring people down.”

Some of Trump’s most controversial tweets include his constant bashing on some of the largest news networks. On February 17th,2017 Trump tweeted “The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCnews, @ABC, @CBS @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the american people!”