The Eggcellent Easter Egg Hunt

Nathaniel Burkhart, Copy Editor

Recently, the sophomores dominated in the Spring Easter Egg Hunt held by the leadership class. They got the most spirit points out of the entire school when there were about 1,000 Easter eggs, and many students eager to grab them all.


Taking place in the football field (and surrounding fields as well), the entire school took part in a 5 minute Egg Hunt that had been delayed for nearly a month due to bad weather conditions. Originally planned for the previous month, this Egg Hunt had built up a lot of hype for the school. Who doesn’t want candy?


“When you take away three-fourths of the population, there isn’t the school-wide excitement there is when everyone is included.” said Luke Saures, our schools Vice President.


This was senior Luke Sauers’ answer to my query about why the Hunt was changed from its original freshmen-only plan to a school-wide Hunt. Sauers also said it was an effort to raise school moral. He did say that he thought it was a bit small, however, and so it should be bigger next time.


The hunt was fast, as there were fewer eggs on the field per person.SOme people didn’t get an egg at all. This was due to either a panic attack because of the large crowd. Another possibility was a person being too slow to grab an egg before their competition did. But some people were very lucky during the Hunt.


“I had my foot right next to an egg.” said Nate Cable.


Cable loved the hype aspect of the Hunt and shared that with me when I asked what the best part of the Hunt was, in his opinion. Cable did say, however, that he thought the Hunt was a too short in too small of an area. For such a large school, 1,000 eggs appear to not be enough to satisfy the students’ thirst for candy, special eggs, and spirit points (all prizes to be found within the egg).


Both Sauers and Cable said they would be a part of Hunt again if given the chance.