Head Over Boots for Prom

2018 Prom recap

Wesley Brewer, The Poll Guy

Yamhill-Carlton’s 2018 junior and senior prom was held at the Old School House outside of Newberg on May 5th.

The Prom King and Prom Queen for the 2017-2018 school year were Jonathan McGhehey and Kasiti Ingram. The other students on the prom court this year were: Ashley Warden, Nicole Armstrong, Sabrina Livingston, Daisha Crickmer, Morgan Smith, Shane Davis, Cody Eastwood, Adam Fugate, Andrew Gardner, and Tabor Magnuson.

The Old School House’s dance floor was roomy enough to hold about 300 people, so everybody had plenty of room to move around in.

Under a canopy, outside the Old School House, there was food and some tables to sit at. There was an assortment of fruit, such as mango slices and pineapple pieces, vanilla wafers, marshmallows, and Rice Krispy treats. There was also a chocolate fountain for coating these treats. Attendees also received a free Dutch Bros. drink with the purchase of a ticket to prom.

The photography area, also located in the canopy, was run by photographer Anna Bartlett, who owns Five Point Photography. “Anna helped us to get the DJ and the venue for prom,” said prom advisor and YC art teacher, Jenna Shaljo. Bartlett’s daughter is YC senior, Daisha Crickmer, who was on prom court this year.

The people on the prom planning committee for this year were: Josie Wright, Derek Long, Owen Amerson, Joey McGhehey, Reilly Southard, Kjersti LeClair, Ainsley Zook, Taylor Reimann, Sadie Horne, and Aylea Dixon.

The DJ for the 2018 Prom was from Apogee Events. He was open to suggestions for songs throughout the night, which was nice.

The entire event was very fancy. Most people came dressed in attire anywhere from black tie to business semi-formal.

Sometime during prom, a dance battle broke out, between Joey Jones and Timothy Kravets. Jones said later that, “I don’t know what came over me. There were people surrounding me and chanting my name. It was awesome.”

Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy prom this year. “It’s a good experience,” said one couple.

Even though prom was great there were a few complaints. Several people stated that the music was “obnoxiously loud”. You had to speak very loudly just to talk to someone next to you on the dance floor. One couple said that they would have liked there to be more slow songs at the dance.