ASB Elections and the New Members


Top row on stairs: Dylan McInnis, Kate Gomes; Bottom row on stairs: Josie Wright, Julie Easton; Left Railing: Aylia Seibel; Right Railing: Hope Ellis

Kierah Kavicky, Feature Editor

ASB elections are coming up this month and speeches were made April 24. There were 11 students running for different positions .

Over the past couple of weeks, posters and pins have been passed out by various students running for Associated Student Body(ASB) positions. Nearly all of the positions have competition and the need for posters this year has been at a high. There are two students running for assistant secretary; Julie Easton and Joey Jones, two running for assistant treasurer; Katherine Gomes and Christian Brethower, three students running for assistant and lead activities director; Kade Kleinstuber, Dylan McInnis, and Aliya Seibel, one student running for Vice President; Hope Ellis, and finally three students running for President; Josie Wright, Ainsley Zook, and Kjersti LeClair.

The Secretary is in charge of publishing agendas and recording things that are said, therefore Assistant Secretary assumes the position if the Secretary is gone, or is needed. Treasurer handles money and budgets as well as approving all purchases. Assistant Treasurer again assumes the position if the lead treasurer is gone. Activities Director directs assemblies and events and the Assistant Activities Director assists in these events. Vice President directs all the clubs and elections and take over the President’s job in the President’s absence. The President leads ASB and meetings, as well as provide a student perspective in school board meetings.  

While all of the speeches revolved around a similar technique; the simple explanation of the positions job and why they fit, they all were unique with their own jokes. Although Gomes followed a different route, she rapped her speech to “Ice, Ice, Baby”. Her speech entertained nearly everyone. Those running for presidential positions had speeches filled with jokes and LeClair made a heartfelt speech about bullying.

On April 26, the student body voted and later that day the results were announced. The vote took place online and was thought to be successful. That evening there was a recall of all of the winners due to presumed voters fraud. There was another vote on May 1 by using paper instead.

The winners of the vote were, Ellis for Vice President, Wright for President, McInnis for Activities Director, Seibel for Assistant Activities Director, Gomes for Assistant Treasurer, and finally Easton for Assistant Secretary.

Wright believes that the school needs more school spirit, and that her plan is to work hard to bring it back. She enjoyed campaigning even though it was stressful. She had a couple of tips for campaigning.

“I would not spend a ton of money on posters, but making your posters stand out helps a lot.”

Ellis plans to work with Wright to make Yamhill Carlton a more positive and exciting place to be. She had fun campaigning and her tips for campaigning are to spend time on posters and state the position you are running for.

McInnis is excited to plan assemblies and work to improve the school spirit here.

“..having to go up against students that you’re close to is tough,” McInnis stated. His advice to students campaigning is to focus on your own individual posters and campaign and not to worry about what others are doing.

Seibel intends to plan a successful and fun homecoming first. She enjoyed campaigning although she does not intend on campaigning again. She found that there was only a little bit of negativity within the competition but nothing serious.

Gomes’ first priority is to fully understand how money is used at YC and how she can work with school events to spend a good amount of money but not too much. She enjoyed campaigning and “got really into it.”

“I would say, put yourself out there and make yourself known.”

Easton intends to work to organize the way ASB works and carries out activities. She hopes to make people more active within the school body as well. Campaigning worked out for her and she enjoyed it.

Easton said, “Listen to other people’s opinions and take that into consideration what they would like to see in the school when you make your decisions about what you want to do for the school.”