Yamhill Carlton High School’s “Walkup Not Out”

Lela McInnis , Staff Reporter

The walkout was planned to take 17 minutes of silence out of students school day to remember and respect the 17 students who were killed in the school shooting, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The walkout was planned a month after the shooting. Many schools participated in it nationwide.

Along with the many students all over the nation who participated, some of the students were strongly opposed to the “Walk Out”. In some areas the “Walk Out” time was used for people giving lectures on how America needs more gun control opposed to standing in silence for those who lost their lives.

The “Walk Up Not Out” was created as an alternative to the “WalkOut” many students participated in on March 14th. “Walk Up Not Out” makes kids step out of their comfort zones and talk to people they normally could never see themselves interacting with. The hopes are that in the end, this will make schools all over the nation more united and comfortable for kids to be in.

“Walk Up Not Out” campaign is being started at YCHS by our school’s ASB vice president, Luke Sauers.

Sauers said he decided to start this campaign at YC because he felt since he is well known among community members and the students here; it was his obligation to start it up. He had been planning on doing something similar to this for quite some time and with all the school shootings he felt now was the right time to get this up and running.

Sauers said, “We are working with administration to get some events on the calendar that won’t conflict with other activities as this is an important issue.”

Still to this day what seemed to be a good idea is still hanging in the planning stages.

At YCHS people might have had the idea that freshman, Joey Jones, was in great opposition toward the “Walk Up Not Out” campaign, however that is not the case.

Jones said, “I support the action of the walk out and the walk up, both equally. I think noble causes. Really I’m just mad at the way that it was executed, the way that, the announcements were used to push the position, instead of just trying to mobilize the people… The actual sentiment is great, I support it.”