Orchestra From a Student’s View

Jaden Phillips, Reporter

Most people do not realize what Orchestra is. Orchestra is a group of instrumentalists, especially one combining strings, woodwinds, bass and a percussion section, that usually plays classical music. Orchestra is just something that you can do for fun, however, it can also just be something you do for your future. I asked two fellow peers of Yamhill-Carlton High School a few questions. Gryphon Elliott, a junior from of Yamhill-Carlton, who plays the viola and the violin, and Gretchen Sims, a freshman who plays the Cello.

Elliott joined the orchestra soon after his middle school years.Elliot explained why he joined orchestra.“It was years back, when I was in middle school, there were was some high school students that were doing a demo for the middle school, that were doing just some basic things, like tuning sequence, but I thought it sounded really amazing, and I joined up as soon as I  could.” Sim has been playing instruments since second grade. “‘one of the reasons I came to YC was that I heard it has a fantastic music program,”’ Sim stated.

Finding differences between orchestra and band is harder than you think.Elliot said “that band was more similar to orchestra than most think. In more than one way, Orchestra and Band are more alike than anything.” Elliott stated “There isn’t that much, just technical stuff. You still need to have a sense of the music. Other than anything, its what muscles you use.”

Many students wonder if Orchestra affects your future in any way, Elliott said “I know I want to involve music with my future, but whether as a hobby or a career or a part-time job, I dunno. I am aware there is that old stereotype , about a kid drops out of high school but wants to join a band, but you have to understand, that there is a lot of difficulties getting into music as a career, if you can then you should expect to have to do other things along the way” so it all depends on you! You can turn it into a hobby or a career. It’s all up to you!

Sometimes, friends dictate our choices, that’s not always the case. Elliott stated ‘‘They appreciate it, but they’ve never been too interested in it themselves. I’ll play music for them every now and then. It’s nice to have them around.” In Sims opinion , she stated “So in short, your friends don’t need to approve of your choices when it comes to hobbies and decisions, but it is nice to have them around.” Sim’s stopped and thought for a minute before replying “Yeah, even though I get teased around Christmas time about how often I get about singing Christmas jingles.”

Being new isn’t bad, but sometimes it is hard. Elliott stated “even if it seems difficult, it’s good to stick to it. There is going to be weeks or days or even years that are going to be tough but as long as you keep working at it and keep chipping at it. You are going to succeed eventually  and improve your skills.” Advice can lead to greatness. Sim had to stop and think about it ‘‘I would say, please join the orchestra. We don’t have a lot of people and it’s nice to play in a larger group of people. When you are in, just work hard and practice a lot, and you’ll get a lot better. Also, don’t listen to people tease you because you sound bad, keep going and don’t give up”

Sim stated what she thought was the best thing about orchestra, “‘I really like how everyone feels so comfortable around each other and how its a pleasant an environment. Everyone likes to help each other, I’ve learned a lot.” ’“ I play the cello. I really like to play ‘Waltz of the Wicked.’ the piece we are playing for the concert right now, It was difficult and  all the cellists had to work together to figure it out.”’Sim stated that her favorite songs were on her instrument

Sim answered a few more questions. Orchestra is different from band. Sim stated ‘Orchestra is mainly string instruments, while the band is mainly brass and wind.’ Sim stated why she chose orchestra instead of band. “I’ve always wanted to play the cello, I think it’s one of the majestic instruments, besides the piano, which I also play.’Your tastes in music can be affected. Sim stated her opinion on the matter “Yes, I just recently downloaded a sting playlist because I’ve started to enjoy it more then I had before.”

Orchestra is very important to Sim, she  stated so . ‘‘Yes, I think one of the main reasons I decided to come to a public school, was to get the experiences of playing in an  orchestra.’ Being accepted to college is sometimes easier when you play, Sim stated “Yes, If you play your instrument very well, it will be easier for you to be accepted into a college.”

Orchestra is very different, however, it is one’s choice to be involved in orchestra, band or even an art class. These classes look great on a College application. So, in a way, you are thinking about your future and what you like. Don’t take my word for it, ask someone in any class that is extra. They’ll tell you as well.