The Night of the Arts

Wesley Brewer, The Poll Guy

Recently, the YCHS Art Department and and Yamhill Carlton Education Foundation (or YCEF) worked together to create an art show called the Night of the Arts at Legion Hall in Carlton.

The art show raised about $7,000. These funds will be going towards scholarships for 1-5 graduating seniors and 2-5 grants for teachers somewhat yearly (The number of grants and scholarships varies from year to year). The funds will also be used to keep the YCEF going so that they can continue to do events like this in the future. The event took place Saturday, on April 28th, 2018.

Jenna Schaljo, the YCHS art teacher and a member of the YCEF, explained that the Night of the Arts was created to involve the community, raise awareness for the arts, and to get the students to participate in something big together.

There were several different kinds of activities at the Night of the Arts. There was  an art show, silent auction, interactive art tables, a table for voting on the best art, an art competition, and a live auction. The winners of the art competition were: Nicole Dewitt in 1st, Andie Jo Whitlow in 2nd, and Elizabeth Wagner in 3rd.

A few of the tables were not filled. One of the attendees of Night of the Arts, Annie Witherspoon, said that more people should come to the Night of the Arts. “They probably could have advertised better,” Witherspoon said.

But there were many things that people liked a lot about this Night of the Arts.  Most people at the Night of the Arts commented that they liked the silent auction. Payton Adamski, a YCHS art student, said that she liked the new place it was in. “It used to be in a cafeteria,” said Adamski.

As great as the Night of the Arts was, several things could have been improved. There were a few technical problems. The sound system sounded fuzzy more than once that night and the microphone emitted loud screeches occasionally. But other than the microphone problems there were not any major malfunctions.

Most of the people interviewed at the Night of the Arts said that they would come back to the event in the future. Susan Fitzgerald, the president of the YCEF, told us that she would like to add the performing and musical arts to Night of the Arts in the future.