Diving Deeper into our Counselor, Quinn Takashima

Lela McInnis, Reporter

Quinn Takashima, our school counselor, graduated from Linfield in 2016. To become a counselor Takashima earned an Undergraduate, Bachelors in science and is working on her Masters in school counseling.

“I knew that I was interested in the school system but I didn’t want to be a teacher… I either wanted to teach phycology or be a counselor and I found some really good masters programs for school counseling and that’s it.” said Takashima

She believes that in order to be a counselor you need to be open minded, understanding, caring, and able to multitask.

Takashima said “Oh definitely the students… You guys make my day all the time. Everyday is a new day. Your successes I think are my successes and the schools successes. And just interacting and getting to know you guys being able to support you guys.”

Takashima is also our varsity Volleyball coach. She started playing in fifth grade all the way through college.

She was born and raised in Hawaii and moved here to go to college and be closer to her best friend.

She said the hardest part of having to be both a counselor and the volleyball coach is trying to have a difference between being girls coach and being their counselor, especially in the parents eyes.