The next Pikmin game; What we’re hoping 4


Wesley Brewer, The Poll Guy

I cannot wait for Pikmin 4 to be released! It may be a while away but I’m not going to wait for a trailer to come out, so I’m writing my thoughts on what Pikmin 4 could have in store.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll explain: in the Pikmin games the player is a very short alien who crashes on a planet filled with dangerous creatures and huge obstacles and you have to collect objects in order to leave. Lucky for you, there are small, animal-like plants called Pikmin that follow your orders and with their help you get off the planet you were stranded on. It’s a great game series and I really recommend playing the Pikmin games.

Even though Pikmin is a fun game series, I think it would be better if Nintendo increased the difficulty, or you could set the difficulty, for the game. The puzzles and enemies in the last two games were pretty easy, unlike the original Pikmin game. They should bring back the limited number of days, and make the enemies a little more challenging to defeat, including the bosses.

Most of the fanbase for Pikmin is really enthusiastic about a kind of massively multiplayer online mode for the Pikmin series. This is probably the feature that is the most asked for about the Pikmin games. It could be like a sandbox, a free-for-all, a team battle, or even an entirely new adventure! And hopefully, in the future, we’ll get it.

For me, I’d like all of the Pikmin to come back in the new game. It would just be awesome to see the Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White, Rock, and Winged Pikmin all together! I wouldn’t mind if they added a few more Pikmin too, like a parasitic Pikmin, an ice Pikmin, or a Pikmin found only at night!

Speaking of the night, it would also be interesting if the game let the character explore at night. There could be new nocturnal animals and plants, places you can only go to at night, treasures that are only able to be found during the night, and that Pikmin I was talking about earlier that only comes out at night! It could have thorns on it to make it really stick to enemies.

Something I would like to see come back for Pikmin 4 is Mission Mode or some other variant of Mission Mode. Mission Mode is a collection of challenges that you must complete within a certain amount of time with a limited amount of Pikmin. If it came back in 4 I’d like it to include maybe one or two more types of challenges though.

Another item I would like to address is the lore of the Pikmin planet, of PNF-404. I want information. It would be great to know if PNF-404 is post-apocalyptic Earth or not! And if it is, then where did all the humans go?

They should also offer some closure for the story of Louie. He’s a mysterious character whom Olimar suspects to be in charge of the big boss of Pikmin 2. Is he good? Is he bad? I just want a concrete answer.

There aren’t many technical things that are wrong with Pikmin. The sound effects are fine. I would prefer if the music wasn’t too funky like Pikmin 3 music but kept that happy rhythm that I heard. They’re doing pretty great in the area of graphics so I don’t think there is much they could improve on there.

Well, that’s my wishlist for Pikmin 4. I hope you go out and play one of these games. I highly recommend them.