Bungi vs. 343 Halo

Bungi vs. 343 Halo

Amadi Hays-Latimore, Sports Editor

Halo is a huge part of the gaming community. The first game came out in November 2001. Since then 12 Halo games have been released along with several books series being written and movies being made. However the company that made the Halo games hasn’t always been the same.

After Halo three was released Bungi grouped with 343 studios in 2010 to make their biggest hit, Halo Reach. Before Reach the graphics were deplorable. With the inclusion of 343 the graphics became almost lifelike. Reach had a huge fan base of over two million when it first came out, and while its fanbase has gone down over the years it still has a bigger fanbase than newer halo games such as Halo five or four.

Unfortunately after Reach Bungi was pushed out of the equation. The company 343 went on to make Halo four. It to had great graphics but unlike Halo Reach it didn’t have a very good story line and its campaign was straight up bad. It also lacked firefight which was a huge hit in Halo Reach and Halo Combat Evolved. Firefight was a way for players to gain huge amounts of credits by fighting wave after wave of covenant with your friends or just by yourself. Halo four also lacked any good way to level up unless you had xbox live gold.

Once 343 took over they started making offsets of the Halo games that weren’t first person shooters, such as Halo wars and Halo Assault. Halo wars was a fairly big hit but Halo Assault was a disaster. It had an almost non-existent fan base and should have been discontinued but instead 343 chose to make a sequel, Halo Strike.

The final insult was Halo five. In Halo five was so far away from the original Halo lore that it made a huge amount of Halo players stop playing. Instead of trying to make the campaign even decent instead 343 focused less attention on it and focused almost all their intention on multiplayer mode. They brought back spartans 087, 104, and 058 (Kelly, Fred, Linda) even though Kelly was supposed to be dead and Fred and Linda lost in covenant space. The one believable part of the whole campaign is when John (Master Chief) single handedly defeated Spartan Locke. The worst part of the game was the guardians. Where did they come from?! There is no record of them in any book or lore prior to Halo five. 343 just made them up making them another creation of mass destruction that the Forerunners made.

Based off of the data from when Bungi was in control versus 343, it certainly seems that Bungi was the better producer. They had an up and coming game that had a loyal and loving community that was then ruined after 343 came and strayed from the plans. 343 ruined the franchise and managed to make a bunch of other bad games in the process. It seems that the best way to run Halo is with 343 running the graphics and Bungi running the actual ideas of the game.