Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

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Ashton T. Livingston, Entertainment editor

Star Wars is back, but is it better? Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a flawed film by all means, but personally I liked it. The film had solid story with compelling character development. With this new film we get to see the iconic Luke Skywalker again, the last time being The Force Awakens. Luke is old and withered, he denies the force and it really helps his character feel like a real person. When a film as big as this explores and deconstructs a integral character (like Logan) it really helps the film overall.

The characters (most of them) really help the film. Kylo Ren’s character has had significant character development along with Rey. The chemistry built between the two is amazing showing that Kylo ren is much more than a big bad guy. The characters have flaws and it makes them human. Rey is tempted by the dark side because it may have something she wants.  To know these characters have temptations and not just all be mary sues is great. These flaws make them feel real. We also get a new character. Rose. She is awful. She is such a drag and has no character development. She’s there to cry and be a hypocrite all the way through. We get another new character who is there to keep her plan a secret. Which doesn’t help anyone at all? She’s trying to help them but decides not to let them know. This doesn’t make any sense at all…


The following contains spoilers from the film. These are flaws and upsides of the film but they are still spoilers. Towards the beginning of the film we get an epic space battle. This leads to an across the galaxy chase. In this chase Kylo Ren blows out the bridge of the leading ship and Princess Leia is sucked out. You’d think thats the end of her character but nope! She uses the force to pull herself to the ship which felt….weird. I was not a fan of that. The film has a lot of flaws, one of which being the character Rose. Setting up her storyline gets in the way of the story and unnecessarily lengthens the story. Her  long backstory should’ve been given to Poe Dameron. As for the whole casino planet trip, it should’ve been given to Finn and Poe or maybe replaced with something else. I wasn’t a huge fan of the casino planet.

Kylo Ren has a great story ark throughout the film. The whole film he’s questioning his faith to the dark side and even goes as far as to kill his own master to try and end the darkside. This questioning makes us see him as something other than the bad guy who killed Han Solo. We see him as a feeling character who is pressured and doesn’t see the good in things. He is a boy who was let down by his old master, Luke Skywalker. Luke Skywalker’s failure to Kylo Ren brings him down and makes him an old and withered man who denies the force and new students. This influences him throughout and makes him a much more enjoyable character.


Overall I thought the new Star Wars was pretty good. It had great space battles, compelling character development, and some pretty cool stuff. The film overall was good. The good definitely outweighed the bad for me. Go see Star Wars: The Last Jedi.