The Santa Clause Trilogy

A heartwarming film series starring Tim Allen, The Santa Clause trilogy is a timeless classic.


Alex Russell, Feature Editor

Divorced father Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) unlocks the spirit of Christmas when he has to takes over the job of the holy jolly man himself. Scott believes this all a dream when he wakes up after his wild night in the shoes of Santa. But it soon becomes a reality when his hair turns white, he grows a beard and gains weight. He faces his destiny and gears up for his first Christmas as the big guy himself.

In the second movie Santa is faced with finding a Mrs.Claus to accompany him. If he doesn’t find a new wife by Christmas eve he cannot be Santa. All while he is facing this challenge, his son Charlie (Eric Lloyd) lands himself on the naughty list, Santa then comes home to see what is going on. While home he goes to work trying to land himself the “one”. With this trip he bring with him joy and the spirit of Christmas… Watch the the movie to see if he finds Mrs.Claus!

The third movie of the series has a bit of a twist, titled “The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause”, Santa faces off with Jack Frost (Martin Short). Frost finds it fitting that he should be Santa and tries to take over the North Pole and renaming Christmas Frostmas. He faces two challenges in the film, Frost and the arrival of his new child.

The film series has an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, causing you to want to curl up on the couch with your family and drink a big mug of cocoa with a warm fire lit room.