Slithering into Biology


McKenzie Berhorst

Biology teacher, Sean Nonamaker got his spooky snake, Blueberry, over summer break. His son wanted a dog, but Nonamaker’s wife was opposed to that and instead compromised with getting a snake. Blueberry was named by Nonamaker’s son with no particular reason; he just liked the name.


Bluberry used to live at home with his family, but his owner, Nonamaker’s son, soon got bored of him and Nonamaker decided to bring Blueberry into the classroom. Nonamaker soon realized that the students were very interested in him. While others were afraid and kind of disgusted by  a snake being in the classroom. Lilly Kind said, “I hate snakes, but I have nothing against him personally.”


Blueberry is a ball python and he is expected to reach up to three to five feet long. When asked how many times a weeks he feeds Blueberry, he said, “Right now he gets one mouse a week and in about 6 months he will be bumped up to two mice a week.” Nonamaker said that taking care of Blueberry is very easy and that they are actually recommended as starter pets for little children.


Nonamaker said that students are very interested in watching Blueberry eat. Blueberry eats every Friday and Nonamaker encourages students to come in and watch as long as they get approval from their teacher.


While students oftentimes are afraid of Blueberry, Blueberry can be scared of the students as well. “He gets real fidgety sometimes especially on feeding days, he seems to get really agitated a lot easier,” said Nonamaker when asked if Blueberry ever gets scared.