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Orchestra From a Student’s View

Jaden Phillips, Reporter

May 4, 2018

Most people do not realize what Orchestra is. Orchestra is a group of instrumentalists, especially one combining strings, woodwinds, bass and a percussion section, that usually plays classical music. Orchestra is just something tha...

Diving Deeper into our Counselor, Quinn Takashima

Lela McInnis, Reporter

May 2, 2018

Quinn Takashima, our school counselor, graduated from Linfield in 2016. To become a counselor Takashima earned an Undergraduate, Bachelors in science and is working on her Masters in school counseling. “I knew that I was ...

Mental Health at Yamhill Carlton High School

Kierah Kavicky, Feature Editor

April 26, 2018

Mental illness affects many people all over the world. During and after puberty, teenagers can be affected more by events, therefore being more at risk for mental health issues. According to the National Alliance on Mental Ill...

The Importance of the Libyan Slave Trade

Kierah Kavicky, Feature Editor

December 14, 2017

After a leaked video of a group of men being sold for $400 in Libya surfaced, the world finally had a look into the horrific actions that are committed against migrants and refugees staying in Libya. While leaders of countries...

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