Pet Sematary: Maybe Just Let This One Die

Image Courtesy of Flickering Myth and Lionsgate

Image Courtesy of Flickering Myth and Lionsgate

Ashton T. Livingston, Entertainment Editor

Pet Sematary is the newest Stephen King film, and boy oh boy is it a movie. This movie has really nothing special to offer you as an audience member. If you’re looking for spooks and gore you have your movie but, if you’re looking for any moral questions get ready for some pretty base level stuff. This movie doesn’t go any deeper than “should we tell our kid about death?” and this gets pretty boring after a while.

Boring is possibly the best way to describe this movie. All the acting is fine and adds some depth to scenes where the basic writing doesn’t. The scene where SPOILERS the daughter dies are moments where the actors can shine but really other than Jason Clarke as Louis there’s nothing fantastic. It is all pretty basic horror movie acting.

This movie makes a few changes to the source material because well this is the second go about with Pet Sematary. The changes do not feel natural at all. It made me as an audience member who was familiar with the source material feel off. It was like when you go to a family reunion and your favorite cousin shows up but they aren’t the same person anymore. The change of who dies and who comes back is just a weird feeling of “I don’t recognize this anymore.”

Sometimes changes are for the best sometimes but here they served 0 purpose. They didn’t add anything that made an impact on me that hadn’t already made an impact on me from the original. And that’s the problem with this film, why should anyone waste their money on this if they can get something far better in the form of the book or the original film. The whole movie feels unnecessary.

This remake is one that more than likely will be forgotten. Nothing is all that good and just kinda feels like you’re eating spooky sand. It has no real flavor other than fun special effects. The gore is always fun and gross to watch and creates a good atmosphere. That’s what this movie does best. Create an atmosphere. But, because of a lackluster script its got the great visuals of Hereditary but lacks the depth of that film.

The film’s biggest flaw is its script. It holds everyone back in terms of dialogue. Luckily the actors are all decently skilled in their craft and can find their way around crappy dialogue. The script really holds this film back.

          Pet Sematary is just one of those reboots that doesn’t feel needed. It feels like one of the corpses in the film that comes back to life and is creepy. That’s it. It adds no new life to the film and audiences would be much better off with the original film with all its 90’s charm. Overall the film is neither good nor bad. It’s just mediocre. Pet Sematary gets a C-. The film is rated R for language, violence and gore.