Leading the Way for a Better School

A leader should do what is right no matter who is watching, and that is what Yamhill Carlton High School leadership students have done.

Lela McInnis, Staff Reporter

Being a leader means exhibiting moral and ethical courage, and the students in our leadership classes do just that. They aim to make YCHS a better place by spreading positivity and creating an inclusive atmosphere. 

Leadership students participate in service projects or plan school events to help the school. A handful of these students have also volunteered at events like, sports games, father daughter ball, and a few other major events. 

Senior Dylan Whitmore planned assemblies and schools dances with the help of fellow senior Morgan Dehaven.  Another senior, Addie Robison, put up positivity posters in the halls and bathrooms to help with mental illness awarness. Juniors Owen Amerson, Sadie Horn, and Joey McGhehey cleaned up the front lawn and planted flowers.

YCHS leadership teacher, Brenda Vanderzanden said “The leadership class has grown a lot in leadership knowledge and a lot of people are taking the bull by the horns”.

When talking about qualities a leader needs sophomore Grace Armstrong said, “The most important leadership qualities are servitude and being outright. The willingness to serve and ability to say and do so is imperative to leading. I feel like i display the former, not sure of the latter.” McGhehey  further points out the selflessness a leader needs by stating, “I feel like they should get a little more recognition for what we do as leaders around the school but as a leader you should be able to do the right thing all the time with no rewards that’s the whole point.”

Altogether the YCHS leadership students have worked hard obtaining over 1,800 service hours this year. However, their hours were not all gathered for our school, they also have got service hours from helping people in the community.