A Song Review of “One and Only” by Cuco


Credit to Genius Lyrics

Kierah Kavicky, Feature Editor

“One and Only”, by the solo artist Cuco, appears on the album, Songs4u. The song starts with the chorus and states love and affection for a girl. Cuco’s smooth tone creates an instantly soothing and calm atmosphere. As the song goes into the first stanza, there is no beat change but the words and notes slide through the air and make the listener fall as deeply in love as Cuco is.

During the second stanza, the beat and music changes to a more danceable pace. The lyrics further discuss Cuco’s image of the woman he wrote the song about. Halfway through this stanza, another tempo change occurs to even smoother and slower beats and notes.  

The tempo continues into the final repeat of the chorus and ends with long sweet notes. While the song is short, it is sweet and romantic, leaving the listener with a calm mood. Cuco continues to impress his listeners with his beats and voice.

Not only is the musicality of this song superb, but also his lyrics follow a poetic movement. His words are easy to follow and roll perfectly off the tongue.


Memorable Lyrics

When I’m feeling puzzled, girl you put me back together

And if never is forever, then let’s always be together”


“I hope you know you’re my desire

I hope you know you’re the one

I hope you know that I think about you when I see the sun”